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As seen on The West Australian. We’re proud to have been featured recently in the West Australian to promote our Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign.

The Perth founder of a carpooling app that promises to offer trips for almost a quarter of the price of an Uber wants to raise $1.5 million to get the technology off the ground.

Unlike traditional rideshare services ReddyRide drivers are not on the platform for the purpose of an income and don’t have to go out of their way to pick up passengers.

Rather, they have the option of collecting people on their usual commute and receive a fraction of the fare to offset the costs of running their vehicle.

ReddyRide founder Sharon Wilkins said cutting congestion and carbon emissions was another driving force behind the app. It’s a cause she expects young West Australians — including real estate agent Harrison Tyler, 25, who spends all day in his car — to get behind.

“It’s not a professional driver, it’s just someone going about their ordinary business who doesn’t mind sharing their car and they get just a little bit of recompense for their running costs,” Ms Wilkins said.

“It’s not meant to be a monetary gain — it’s meant to be, what can I do to help the climate?”
Based on an 8.81km journey, Ms Wilkins said the average fee for a taxi, Uber, Ola or Didi would cost about $16.64 compared to just $3.89 with ReddyRide.

All drivers require to sign up is a registered car, insurance and police clearance.
Drivers and passengers will also be required to provide photo ID and a two-way rating system will further help ensure safety.

Ms Wilkins hopes to raise $1.5m through Birchal, an equity crowdfunding platform that has also been used for investment in WA camel-milk company Good Earth Dairy and Perth-founded pet ridesharing app, Pawba. Birchal also facilitated Perth hot-sauce producer Renae Bunster’s recent $2m raising and e-bike creator Tiller Rides’ $1m funding last year.

Ms Wilkins said the money would be used to market for ReddyRide’s driver database — the app needs 2000 registered drivers — and set up a customer support office.
ReddyRide plans a Perth launch in February, pending a successful capital raising.

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