About ReddyRide

ReddyRide is a Perth based idea created and developed by a local family, Richard (father) and daughter Sharon.

They had a big idea and wanted to bring people together to contribute to a larger cause by making small changes to their commuting habits.

“We didn’t want to ask for big lifestyle changes, we wanted to empower everyone to make small changes that add up to a big good for the community and the environment.

We have all been affected and frustrated by peak hour traffic and the time it takes from us. We have also seen the amount of driver only cars on our roads and wondered what we could do about it. The answer was right in front of us. We didn’t need more and bigger roads, we needed to utilise the cars that are already on them. 

All we had to do was connect the drivers with others going the same way.”

Everything else fell into place. ReddyRide was born.

ReddyRide is the unique alternative to the inconvenience of public transport, the expense of ridesharing and the environmental cost that is created by the huge amount of driver-only private vehicles on the road. Plus:

  • RRiders pay less per km than any ride sharing app 
  • RRiders and DriveRRs get to choose who they travel with
  • Unique filters are built into the app. Ie. Health, Safety..
  • An Envirometer feature that records the carbon & fuel savings you make

Whilst the cost and convenience of ReddyRide is exciting, we are absolutely thrilled about the massive environmental benefits coming our way.

Small changes for the bigger good.

Are you Reddy to do good?

Our Team

Sharon Wilkins

Founder & Executive Director

Richard Wilkins

Co-Founder & Chairman

Robert Downey

Independant Director & Company Secretary

Dr Warren Harmer


Raghulan Gowthaman

App Developer

Vanessa Trager

Account Director

Kelly Cochrane

Product Specialist

Andy Durack


Marene Malan

Creative - Design

Jen Searle

Project Manager

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Every day you ride, you empower your community. Join the ReddyRide revolution.


Every day you RRide, you empower your community. Join the ReddyRide revolution.

Become a ReddyRide Driver

Become a ReddyRide Driver

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